Tekno Masher is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a heavyweight class robot with a triangle-shaped body. Its weapons are a flamethrower, a rending spike and three small spikes and it is armoured in salvaged steel. It cannot self-right. It appeared in Extreme 2 of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles.

Robot History Edit

Extreme 2Edit

Panic attack vs tekno masher razer vs odin

Panic Attack topples Tekno Masher

Hawk Eye fought in the first Annihilator against Razer,Panic Attack, Nuts & Bolts, Odin and Hawk Eye. All the robots slammed into each other in the middle. Panic Attack and Tekno Masher join the onslaught after a small squabble but Tekno Masher is attacked by odin and Nuts & Bolts. Razer charges towards Hawk Eye and manages to topple it over making Hawk Eye the first robot to fall. Razer attempts to attack Tekno Masher but is ganged up upon by Panic Attack, Nuts & Bolts and Odin. Panic Attack and Odin battle one another but Odin gets away and uses its spike to jab Tekno Masher who was currently using its flame thrower to burn Razer and Nuts & Bolts. Nuts & Bolts was cornered by Panic Attack and Tekno Masher, with a combined effort both machines attempt to topple Nuts & Bolts but Razer smashes in and was the final push to topple Nuts & Bolts. The remaining robots decide to target Razer encircling it, in particular Odin becomes extremely relentless. Tekno masher falls as stray as Panic Attack rams Razer and Odin and attempts to lift the two only to fail doing so. Tekno Masher charges at Panic Attack and the two begin to battle with Tekno Masher breaking Panic Attack's lifting forks. Tekno Masher turns its attentions to Razer while Odin attacks Panic Attack disabling its self righting arm. Razer crushes Tekno Masher breifly before backing off and getting behind Odin again. Tekno Masher tries to attack Panic Attack but it quickly rams Tekno Masher managing to topple it on its side.

Results Edit

Extreme 2
Battle Competitors Result
Annihilator 1 Razer,Panic Attack, Nuts & Bolts, Odin and Hawk Eye Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

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